Study Skills Seminar

Study Skills Seminars are now available for middle school and high school students.  Four sessions of 1 hour 15 minutes each, will give your child information on how to study as well as give them the opportunity to put skills into practice.  As one high school student told his mom, “This class is a 10!  I’m so glad I took this class.”  Call 571 336-2384 for more information.


Games Help Children be Ready for School in the Fall

Playing card games and board games will help prepare your children for school.  Card games use mathematical skills.  “War” helps younger children learn about numbers and their values, “21” and “O’NO 99” give addition practice, “Phase 10” gives practice ordering and grouping numbers.  

Board games often require reading, counting numbers on dice and spaces on the board.  They also help to develop strategy and planning skills.  “Rummikub”, played with numbered tiles, helps a child see number patterns and sequences.

Play with your child and look for ways to have them use their thinking skills.  You’ll both have fun and they’ll be learning in the process.

Can Exercise Improve Memory and Cognition and Affect ADHD in Children?

An article, “Differential Effects of Acute and Regular Physical Exercise on Cognition and Affect” published in Neuroscience Volume 215, July 26, 2012, pp. 59-68, suggests that being active and exercising may improve memory and cognition. It may also help alleviate symptoms of ADHD in children.

Researchers found that regular physical exercise, for at least four weeks and including the final day of testing, enhanced recognition memory in those with a specific gene. This gene determines the extent to which exercise helps. Exercising for one day only did not affect recognition memory. Dartmouth researchers found that benefits vary with age. Children derive more benefits than adults.

“The expectation was that exercise after four weeks could make you do better,” said Bucci, one of the authors. “The most striking thing, however, was that this was only true with the people who had this growth factor. If you had some substitution you did not get the benefits — the activity of that growth factor seemed to have a big effect.”

Boost Your Child’s Learning Over the Summer

School’s out! The last day of school brings a sense of freedom for students and parents alike.  No more homework hassle! The tension that exists between parent and child due to schoolwork finally wanes and the parent-child relationship becomes less stressful.

Along with the fun of summer activities, should parents incorporate summer learning experiences for their child? Researchers say “Yes!” Most students lose about 2 1/2 months worth of math knowledge over the summer. What about the student who was struggling in learning during the school year? Summer is a great time to work on filling in the gaps and developing the skills your child is weak in. Boosting skills while schedules are less hectic is a great way to develop a child’s confidence.

What can you do at home this summer to boost your child’s learning? Provide everyday learning opportunities. Making cookies? Have your child measure ingredients and learn about fractions in the process. Double a recipe or make half of a recipe. The cookies bake for 12 minutes. What time will they be done? Let younger children play with the measuring cups to learn concepts. When fractions, measurement or time comes back up in school, your child can link what he discovered in the kitchen to new learning. This helps the information to make it through the brain processes to long-term memory because there is meaning attached to it.

Let your child make a purchase at the store with cash and calculate the correct change mentally. Have him buy three things and estimate the total cost.

Travelling? Have your child use Google Maps or MapQuest to locate your destination, determine if it’s north, south, east or west from where you live, and find out how many miles away it is. Have them calculate estimated gas expense using your cars mpg and the current gas price. How much time will it take to get there? What time would we arrive if we left at 8:00am? What if we were in traffic 18 minutes? If we stopped for lunch for 40 minutes, what time would we arrive?

Have children read restaurant reviews online and pick out a restaurant. Give each child a small notebook to journal in each day. Before you know it, you’ve covered math calculation, time, measurement, fractions, money, geography, directionality, reading, writing, spelling and thinking skills.

Above all, read, read, read. Read aloud to your children even into the middle school years. The Chronicles of Narnia are fun. Have them predict what’s going to happen next. Have them make connections with what is happening in the story. In the world of Nooks and Kindles, don’t forget the library. Seeing, holding, and smelling books awakens the senses and can bring a desire to read. A whole new world awaits.

Hello Leesburg!

After more than 20 years of helping students in Pennsylvania, my family has relocated to the Leesburg, VA area. I am excited to be offering my educational therapy and tutoring services to my new Leesburg neighbors.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you think I have something to offer your child. I would be pleased and honored to be able to help you.

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