FIE – Feuerstein’s Instrumental Enrichment

Critical Thinking Skills for the 21st Century
Think better. Learn more. Achieve higher.
Building on the knowledge that critical thinking is the foundation for academic and career success in the 21st century, FIE is  transforming education and the lives of tomorrow’s leaders.  The Feuerstein Method has been successfully implemented around the world as an instructional tool for enhancing the learning potential and cognitive functioning of children and adults.  It is applicable for use with all children, including gifted and special needs learners.

FIE is a series of tasks that directly focus on the development of thinking skills. The paper and pencil instruments are designed to provide student opportunities to develop cognitive strategies and working habits they can apply to problem solving situations.  The various instruments are designed structurally to increase in complexity and abstraction.  Students are encouraged to generalize rules and principles that are transferred to a wide range of contexts.

Consistent with the goals of the Common Core State Standards, the primary goal of Feuerstein’s Instrumental Enrichment program is to develop thinking and problem solving skills, not just for the test, but for lifelong learning.

FIE has been successfully implemented for over 50 years and documented by thousands of scientific research studies with diverse populations.  FIE has been translated into 28 languages and is used in over 80 countries worldwide.