NILD Educational Therapy

What is NILD Educational Therapy?

NILD Educational Therapy is a comprehensive program of neurological training to improve perceptual and cognitive skills.  Using a four pronged approach –  cognition, perception, academics and emotion, we build competence and confidence in the learner.    Private therapy sessions are with a trained, qualified learning specialist for two 80-minute sessions per week.

NILD educational therapy in virginia leesburg
Educational therapy includes a variety of techniques designed to  improve a student’s overall ability to think, reason and process information.  Techniques emphasize skill areas such as reading, writing, spelling and math, applying reasoning skills within each area.  A program is designed according to each child’s needs.  Processing and academic weaknesses are targeted utilizing a wide range of specialized methods and teaching materials developed by the National Institute for Learning Development.

How and Why Does NILD Educational Therapy Work?

Research has shown that the human brain has plasticity.  The brain can form new neural pathways as a result of stimulation.  IQ is not fixed. NILD Educational Therapy provides intense, focused stimulation and intervention to address the student’s specific areas of deficit.student of NILD tutoring services and learning educational therapy

NILD Educational Therapy focuses on the development of clear, efficient thinking.    Language and thinking skills are interdependent.  When one skill develops, the other is also strengthened.    Students are taught to defend their answers and to reflect upon their thinking processes.  This program uses interactive language and dynamic intervention to develop core academic skills and higher order processing.

NILD Educational Therapy has been endorsed by the International Dyslexia Association for students with learning difficulties.

How is NILD Educational Therapy Different from Tutoring?

happy tutoring girl student learning national institute for learning and developmentTutoring typically focuses on content while educational therapy builds efficient learning processes.  The development of clear, efficient thinking enables students to learn across subject areas.  NILD Educational Therapy treats assumed, underlying causes of learning difficulty rather than simply treating the symptoms.  It addresses neurological underpinnings and is based on brain research.

NILD Educational Therapy improves basic learning skills so students are empowered to learn and retain content.  It is helpful for all types of learning problems.

Educational therapists individualize intervention by:

  • focusing specifically on students’ deficit areas – perceptual and academic
  • utilizing extensive questioning, not just teaching
  • focusing on the process of learning to learn
  • dealing with problems as they arise during the learning process
  • maintaining the intensity of focus needed to help the student work through difficulties
  • developing the trust needed to free the student to work on difficult areas

Who is a Candidate for NILD Educational Therapy?

Potential students for this program are those experiencing  frustration in areas of school performance.  Poor spelling, illegible handwriting, inability to express thoughts verbally or in writing, difficulty with reading and reading comprehension, math difficulties, and difficulty staying organized are common indicators of a learning difference.  When a student continues to struggle despite parent, teacher or even tutorial help, an educational evaluation is recommended to detect any underlying learning deficits.

Strategies learned in educational therapy should enable students to remain independent and successful throughout their school years. Learning differences can be addressed whenever they are identified, not just in childhood.  The NILD techniques are effective regardless of age and can be adapted to all levels of functioning. The goal is independent learning in the classroom and in life.

Please inquire at 571 336-2384 for tuition rate for educational therapy.  Summer therapy is available.

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