Tutoring Services in Leesburg

Tutoring services are provided in an individual setting where a student can focus on a subject area he is struggling in.   There are no distractions and the one-on-one environment, where the teacher focuses on filling in the gaps of a child’s learning, provides an opportunity for him to master the content.  Tutoring can re-teach a subject and remediate until a student reaches mastery of the academic skill.

Is your child frustrated in math class?  Get help!  Help your child develop his mathematical mind through one-on-one direct instruction.  A program plan will be customized according to your child’s needs and math expectations for their current grade placement.  Build skills in math calculation, estimation, problem solving, time, money,  measurement, fractions, decimals,  percents, pre-algebra and more.   Develop number sense, mathematical vocabulary,  concepts, mathematical reasoning and logical thinking.

Is your child below grade level or do they not like to read?  Reading skill improvement in areas of decoding, phonemic awareness, comprehension, vocabulary development, understanding the main idea, drawing conclusions, identifying inferences and following directions may be necessary.  Help for a child with dyslexia is available.

Is writing difficult for your child?  We work on written expression, combining sentences, narrative and expository essays, developing a five paragraph essay, writing a research paper, grammar, and proofreading skills.

Let us know what your child needs help with and we will let you know if we can provide it. We are located in the Leesburg, VA area.